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Sensational Storks!....New Born Baby Announcements.....We Begin Every Day With Your Good News!


          God Bless America   We support our troops    Please come home safely!

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New Baby Wrappers!

Please note...due to a change in packaging of the major candy manufacturers, we have adjusted our wrappers to fit the new bars.  You will find that there is no longer any silver foil on the bars, they are flow packed and have crimped ends.  

We also carry a Premium Belgian Chocolate wrapped in foil.  Please call for details or see our web site.

(To see a full selection of our Sensational Wrappers just click on the link below....

Our Brand New BabySailBoat Custom Candy Bar Wrappers

Available for boys or girls

Our Baby Bundle Custom Candy Bar Wrappers

 BabyBear Custom Candy Bars

Our "I'm A New Born American!" Custom Candy Bars


Adorable BabyMoon Wrappers...


Sensational Stork Wrappers


Text on Back Of:

 American Flag, BabyMoonBabyBear, Sensational Storks! Ribbon Stork & Text Stork Styles

  John and Mary Ann Smith joyfully announce the birth of James' baby sister!  Ten little fingers and ten little toes, the sweetest of smiles and a cute little nose, a sweet baby girl... the greatest of gifts that life can bring. 

bulletAll of our wrappers are placed on full size 1.5 oz chocolate bars

   New baby candy bars are usually shipped within 24 hours.

bulletStudio pick up is available.


bulletNew Baby Wrapper Information needed: 
bulletBaby's Name
bulletBirth date
bulletTime of birth
bulletHospital and location
bulletParent's names
bulletSiblings names


 Our Popular Parody Wrapper    



Parody Wrapper Back


Sibling Wrappers

Our Sibling Wrappers for the older children to pass out to friends and family.

A wonderful announcement for them to bring to school for the class!


Grandparent Wrappers

Delight the proud grandparents with their own announcements!


Multiple Blessings??

BABY, BABY!     Look how cute we are!



Back of your twin wrapper will read:

Jane and John Doe joyfully announce the birth of their (sons, daughters, or son and daughter). Twenty little fingers, twenty little toes, two sweet smiles and two cute little noses!  Two beautiful babies...Twice the joy, twice the fun, twice blessed with the  greatest of gifts that life can bring.

Triplets Sensational Custom Candy Bar Wrappers in pink, blue, or correct combination of both

Back of your Sensational Custom Candy Bar triplets wrapper will read:

Jane and John Doe joyfully announce the birth of their children. Thirty little fingers, thirty little toes, three sweet smiles and three cute little noses!  Three beautiful babies...Three times the joy, three times the fun, three of the greatest blessings that life can bring.

   Quadruplets ( or More!!) Custom Candy Bar Wrappers...totally customized for your babies

Back of your Sensational Custom Candy Bar quadruplets wrapper will read:

Jane and John Doe joyfully announce the birth of their children. Forty little fingers, forty little toes, four sweet smiles and four cute little noses!  Four beautiful babies...Four times the joy, four times the fun, four of the greatest blessings that life can bring.

Actually the truth is...if you have 4 or more babies.... We will be happy to write anything you want on your wrappers!


To see a complete selection of custom candy bar wrappers for all events including baby showers 

just click on Sensational Wrappers below     

Sensational Wrappers! 

bulletMinimum order of 3 dozen
bulletShipped within 24 hours
bulletCompletely customized for your occasion


Description (Minimum 3 Dozen)   Price
All New Baby Candy Bars per dozen $18.75
All Occasion Bars per dozen $22.00
Photo Candy Bars per dozen $25.00



Wrappers Only Prices

 (without candy bars)


New Baby Wrappers

Minimum 50 $1.15
All Occasion Wrappers

Minimum 50

Photo Wrappers

Minimum 50

bulletWe ship via UPS Monday - Friday and by local courier Monday to Saturday
bulletCall our studio for shipping and delivery charges


Click here "Sensational Wrappers" to go to our Sensational Wrapper website 

Call Our Studio for samples and brochures on all occasion wrappers.


New Baby Wrappers


Twins, Triplets and More


Baby Shower Wrappers


Christening and Baby Naming Wrappers


First Holy Communion 


Juvenile Birthday 


Teen and Adult Birthdays


Bar and Bat Mitzvah Wrappers


Sweet Sixteen


Graduation, Nursery School to Graduate Degrees


Bridal Showers






Photo Wrappers for all occasions


Custom Wrappers, for all holidays, 


You Invent it, We create it!




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