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Welcoming New Born Babies On Long Island!

Huntington, Long Island, New York

New York Local Phone (631) 754 3617   Toll Free 1 888 ONE 4 LUV

Sensational Storks!....New Born Baby Announcements.....We Begin Every Day With Your Good News!


          God Bless America   We support our troops    Please come home safely!

                      We will never forget 911..... God Bless our all our heroes   

      For Grandparents



 Just For Grandparents! 

  wpe1A.jpg (6391 bytes)   Special plaque on stork
6' Grandparent Storks 

Note: All of our signs are available for the proud grandparents!

Delight the new grandparents with their own stork to celebrate the baby's arrival!

bulletDelivered to the proud grandparents' homes
bullet7 day rentals... mention special offer for 2 free days
bulletIncludes a special grandparent plaque...
bulletOur 1st, 2nd etc or "Our (My) New Grandchild" plaque
bulletComplete with a card to grandparent(s) from the baby!     
bullet    Example:  Hi Grandma and Grandpa,  Here I am!  I am so lucky to have you for my grandparents,  We will have so much fun together!  Love, Hugs and Kisses, "Baby's name"

One Stop Shopping!

Complete the surprise with our Grandparent Sensational Wrappers New Baby Candy Bars!

bulletWonderful Grandparent Announcement bars
bulletThey will love to share these with their friends
bulletMakes a great gift!

Grandparent Candy Bars   


 Sensational Wrappers for grandparents, available in pink or blue!

For complete candy information go to:

Text Samples for wrapper back:   

bulletJohn and Jane Doe proudly announce the arrival of their first grandchild.  Ten little fingers and ten little toes the sweetest of smiles and a cute little nose all add up to a wonderful thing.... A sweet baby girl, the greatest of gifts that life can bring!


bulletProud Grandparents, John and Jane Doe joyfully announce the arrival of Jennifer and Robert Howell's son. Ten little fingers, ten little toes, the sweetest of smiles and a cute little nose .. A sweet baby boy, the greatest of gifts that life can bring.

Pricing*                   7 days rentals  plus 2 free days!

Item   Price
Grandparent Stork, BabySailBoat pink or blue, with grandparent plaque $85.00
Grandparent BabyMoon or BabyBear pink or blue, with grandparent plaque $85.00
Grandparent Candy Bars each dozen, (minimum 3 dozen without rental of any stork or moon) there is no minimum with any rental $18.75
Extra day  each $10.00
FREE DAY with rental mention our website for your bonus day! $00.00




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