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Our 25th Year of

Welcoming New Born Babies On Long Island!

Huntington, Long Island, New York

New York Local Phone (631) 754 3617   Toll Free 1 888 ONE 4 LUV

Sensational Storks!....New Born Baby Announcements.....We Begin Every Day With Your Good News!


          God Bless America   We support our troops    Please come home safely!

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   5' Sensational BabyBears

6' Sensational Stork!   

 Sensational BabyBear!

New Senstional BabySailBoats

 4' Sibling Stork!  4' Sibling Duckies

  (631) 754 - 3617


        Tell us where  you saw our Sensational Stork ad and receive a free day!

Our colorful Sensational Storks and BabyBears are ready to welcome your baby!

bulletAll our Sensational signs are made of real wood.
bullet8 day rental....mention special offer for 9th day
bulletOur storks, moons, bears and sibling signs are installed with one angle iron for a neat appearance.
bulletKeepsake Sensational Stork hand painted name plaque, not made of plastic or stick on wooden letters.
bulletCustom signs available for adoptions of children of all ages.
bulletSensational Storks are delivered complete with your message on a custom printed card.
bulletOur "Nursery" name plaque is hand painted in color for a girl or boy with coordinating trim, and hearts & stars

4' Sibling Storks

bulletSurprise the older children with their own stork!
bullet8 day Sibling stork rental only available with 6 foot stork
bulletSibling stork plaque text reads ex." John Welcomes His Sister Amanda!" each line painted in a different color decorated with painted stars.
bulletRent one sibling stork for for each child or combine all the siblings on one sign.
bulletOur storks are Great for pictures

Adorable New Sensational BabySailBoat Sign!!

New sign addition for our 25th Anniversary limited quantities.

Our new BabySailboats and BabyBears are just the cutest signs in town.

Surrounded with smiling stars our BabyBears,  are sure to make you smile and be the talk of the neighborhood.  Our Sibling Duckie is a great companion to the BabyBear and BabySailboat signs for your other children.

Of Special Note........


Reservations make your order phone call much faster.  


Please place your stork order as early as possible.  We need time to custom paint your baby's plaque and prepare your candy order for delivery.  


Please order your stork early. We like to deliver your new baby sign, the day before mommy comes home from the hospital.  


Early morning orders can sometimes be included in the day's deliveries.  


We  promise to do our very best to accommodate your needs. 



Expecting A Multiple Blessing?

Seeing double or triple??

Twins, twins, triplets, triplets, triplets!


 We are the stork specialists in twins, triplets and More!

 Ask about our Special Storks, BabyMoons & Sensational Wrappers Candy Bars for your babies!

   Note:  Call for special pricing and bonus days on twins or more!              


bulletDid your older child miss having a stork to welcome them?      For a small charge we will paint a plaque for you with their birth information. (Available only to our clients upon rental of a new baby stork)


bulletBaby out of town?  We offer special studio stork pick-up and return service.


bulletGift Certificates Available!

          Our Storks make a great shower gift!



       Pricing ............       8 Day Stork Rentals 
Description description Price*
6' Sensational Stork All wood in pink or blue

Includes hand painted nursery plaque



4' Sibling Stork All wood in pink or blue $35.00
Grandparent Stork Includes nursery plaque  $85.00
 Extra Days Each $10.00
Free day with rental With mention of our website 00

NEW BabySailboat




Call us at (631) 754 3617 to reserve your selection now!





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