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Welcoming New Born Babies On Long Island!

Huntington, Long Island, New York

New York Local Phone (631) 754 3617   Toll Free 1 888 ONE 4 LUV

Sensational Storks!....New Born Baby Announcements.....We Begin Every Day With Your Good News!


          God Bless America   We support our troops    Please come home safely!

                      We will never forget 911..... God Bless our all our heroes   

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We prefer to have personal contact with our clients, therefore there we do not have on line ordering.

Call our studio @ 631 754 3617 or 1 888 ONE 4 LUV

Summer 2007 hours M-Thurs 9-4, Fri 9-3, Sat  9-12

Fall to Spring 2007 hours

Monday- Friday  9-5  and Saturday 9-12

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